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Award Winning TEDx and Keynote Speaker

Jelan is an award-winning TEDx and keynote speaker, renowned for her dynamic presentations. With a remarkable background that combines a decade of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist with her expertise as a Mindfulness Practitioner, Jelan brings a unique blend of professional insight and personal wisdom to her speaking engagements.

Jelan's captivating speaking style is marked by her innate ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds and age groups. She effortlessly distills complex ideas into an engaging and relatable format, making her presentations accessible to everyone. Her impactful keynotes not only leave a lasting impression but also ignite a fire within her listeners, motivating them to take proactive steps towards embracing positive change in their lives. Jelan's expertise and authenticity make her a sought-after speaker, and her messages resonate deeply with those seeking inspiration and transformation.

Top Rated Speaker

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