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Mindfulness Workshops

Leading Mindfulness Facilitator

Jelan is dedicated to helping organizations by teaching mindfulness skills to overcome burnout. Jelan has worked with 20+ organizations, including universities, hospitals, non-profits, and corporations, and has provided meaning and impactful mindfulness workshops.


In her workshops, Jelan offers a unique blend of experience with 10 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, along with her expertise as a Mindfulness Practitioner, backed by personal experience and her humor. Jelan's Mindfulness Workshops have a 4.8/5 rating. 

Educate, Engage & Inspire

Jelan providing a miondfulness workshop at a conference

Mindfulness Workshop

Overcome burnout

Mindfulness Workshop at Hartford High School

Half-Day Seminar

Get Ready to Take Action

Mindfulness Workshop on Amistad ship

Full-Day Seminar

Skills and Implementation

The presenter was incredibly engaging, and the information presented was easy to understand and  incredibly useful. Great Training and great presenter!

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