Introducing the "Core Message Clarity: Design Your Signature Story" course!


If you want to get on the TEDx stage, or book that Keynote Speech, it’s all about being clear in your core message. Being clear is what gives speakers the confidence to transform audiences. This course guides you through creating your signature story so you can position yourself as a speaker and make an impact in your community. You'll get practical tips on identifying your authentic core message and your signature story. Perfect for anyone looking to make an impact with their speaking!

I am IN!

Module 1: What’s your core message?

Module 2: Draw from professional and personal experiences

Module 3: Position Yourself as a thought leader

Seriously, I made this course free because I remember exactly what it was like to need that big nudge to get moving.


It's packed with everything to make learning easy and actionable: Training videos and PDFs!


Meet Jelan!


Hey Hey! My name is Jelan Agnew, LCSW, and I am an award winning TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Mindful Business Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Mindfulness Facilitator. I am the recipient of Hartford Business Journal's 40 Under Forty and CT Magazine's 40 under 40. I have been booked as a speaker nationally, across diverse sectors, including universities, hospitals, non-profits, corporations, as an expert guest on TV. As the founder of Nalej of Self, I enjoy helping thought leaders, like yourself, get their message out to the world and take the stage as a confident speaker.