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Mindfulness Workshops

Meet Jelan!

Jelan Agnew, LCSW is an Award Winning TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Mindful Business Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator. With over 12 years of experience as a DBT Therapist, Adjunct Professor, and Workshop/Training facilitator, Jelan has garnered prestigious accolades such as the Hartford Business Journal's 40 Under Forty award and CT Magazine's 40 under 40 award.  Jelan is the founder and CEO of Nalej of Self, LLC.

At  Nalej of Self, the mission is empowering businesses and business owners to cultivate mindfulness in every aspect of their lives, and to guide them towards a state of inner peace, clarity, and resilience. Through mindfulness workshops, speaking engagements and mindful business coaching, Jelan aims to integrate mindfulness principles into daily practices, fostering holistic well-being, and sustainable personal growth.

Here are a few businesses Jelan has work with: Natchaug Hospital, University of Connecticut School of Social Work, Copper Beech, Family Centered Services of CT, Capitol Region Education Council, National Association of Health Services, Connecticut Health Center, Women’s Consortium, Laurel House, Department of Mental Health and Addictions, The Connecticut Business & Industry Association, Discovering Amistad, Yale Psychiatric Hospital, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, National Association of Black Social Workers, CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, Connecticut Education Association, Community Health Resources, Intellezy, Vice TV, Office of Early Childhood, True Self, LLC etc…


Watch Jelan's TEDx Talk!

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