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Leading Mindfulness Facilitator

At Nalej of Self, we create custom mindfulness solutions for leadership teams to enhance overall work-life balance, overcome burnout, enhance leadership skills, and increase confidence in the role. Unlike typical mindfulness solutions, we focus on both cultivating a mindful mindset and implementing practical mindfulness skills that can be used in work and life settings. We teach a range of mindfulness skills, as we understand that one size fits all mindfulness doesn’t work for busy professionals. As a mindfulness facilitator with 20 years in the mental health and wellness space, and 10 years as a licensed clinical social worker, we cultivate interactive spaces where leadership teams can determine which practices can actually work for them. Research shows that mindfulness improves mental health and wellbeing, and enhances leadership abilities and focus, so that teams can operate more efficiently and effectively.

We have worked with 40+ organizations, including universities, hospitals, non-profits, and corporations, and has provided meaning and impactful mindfulness solutions to leadership teams nationally. Our 4.8/5 ratings indicate that our methods are useful to leadership teams.


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Feedback from past attendees and clients...

Jelan was AMAZING. She was so engaging and it was incredibly refreshing to not stare at a PowerPoint. Highly recommend! 

The presenter was incredibly engaging, and the information presented was easy to understand and incredibly useful. Great Training and great presenter!

Fantastic Training! Highly recommend and will definitely take another training with Jelan again! She did amazing and was very captivating!

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