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Presented by Jelan Agnew

My name is Jelan Agnew, LCSW, and I am an award winning TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, and Mindfulness Facilitator. I am Hartford Business Journal's 40 Under Forty and CT Magazine's 40 under 40. In 2023, I closed my private practice, sold my house and car, paid off all my debt and student loans and moved to Mexico! Now, writing from a cafe in Mexico, my digital business affords me the freedom to work from any corner of the globe, aligning seamlessly with my core value of freedom—both time freedom and location freedom.

The Digital Business Basics Course covers
10 things you need to run a digital business including...

Using Tablet by the Pool

I'm ready to be able to work from anywhere including the beach! Sign me up for The Digital Business Basics Course!

Digital Nomad
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